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Welcome to the NHS LMC!

Newtown High School Library Media Program Mission Statement


The mission of the Newtown High School Library Media Program is to ensure that the Newtown High School community has access to diverse resources and technologies that inspire and support superior research, personal enrichment and a love of reading. Through the delivery of a robust curriculum, aligned with state and national standards, the Library Media Specialists instruct students in the development of 21st century skills necessary to succeed in an ever changing world and competitive job market.

Through the collaborative development of engaging research experiences, Library Media Specialists embed rigorous 21st Century skills instruction across all subject areas to provide students with opportunities to become critical and effective users of information, creative problem solvers and socially responsible contributors to society.


The Newtown High School Library Media Center is the central learning hub of the school. Not limited to the physical space of the media center, the library media program’s impact reaches far and wide.  Created in response to high demand of limited space, staff and resources, the NHS LMC website provides 24/7 access to a wealth of online academic and instructional resources such as an online library catalog, extensive database collection, eBooks, resource lists, research guides and more.

As specialists in information and communications technology, Library Media Specialists are uniquely qualified to help teachers embed critical information, technology and media literacy skills into their instruction.  By providing models for instructional and research strategies to staff and students, the library media program strives to foster a community that pursues rigorous academic goals and personal responsibility.  

Newtown High School Library Media Program Goals


  • Work collaboratively with teachers to develop research units that are rich with opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and information, technology and media literacy skills

  • Maintain an up-to-date collection that meets the instructional goals of teachers across the curriculum and the diverse learning needs and interests of our students

  • Provide students, faculty and staff with 24/7 access to an online library catalog, an extensive database collection, resource lists, eBooks, research guides and more, through our library website

  • Foster a love of reading in students by offering a selection of quality literature in addition to hosting a monthly book club

  • Offer ongoing group and individualized professional development opportunities for teachers in the use and integration of information, technology and media literacy skills

  • Provide easy access to resources and technologies that meet the demands of changing national and state educational initiatives

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